Soliciting in TRS

Trail Ridge South and South Valley (TRS) is a NO SOLICITING NEIGHBORHOOD. This means that if you are trying to exchange any goods or services for money, you are a solicitor, and this neighborhood has collectively decided that we do not want solicitors knocking on our doors. While we cannot legally stop you from entering the neighborhood and knocking on doors, be advised that you will likely not receive the warmest of welcomes.

Additionally, any property which displays a "No Soliciting" sign (or similar) is legally protected against solicitors. Solicitors knocking on doors where homeowners have "No Soliciting" signs clearly displayed is considered TRESPASSING and the homeowner is legally authorized to contact the police to have solicitors cited for trespassing. The HOA will similarly take any and all appropriate legal actions if this occurs.

There are some activities which cannot legally be regulated by HOA rules:

  • Religious proselytizing or distribution of religious materials
  • Political advertising or signature collection
  • Solicitations by a company with which you have done business within the last six (6) months, unless you have previously opted-out of such solicitation

Flyposting is an activity wherein a company places a small piece of paper on your front door advertising their services. Flyposting in TRS is permitted with restrictions. If you want to conduct a flyposting activity, you must be pre-approved, and you must have an authorization letter which must be presented to a homeowner if they ask. To request permission, you must make your request in writing, to the Association President, at You may also send your request to our Managing Agent, contact information is on the Home page. The Association may take up to 30 days to approve your request, so plan ahead!

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