No Soliciting Neighborhood

Post date: Dec 26, 2014 6:16:53 PM

  • Please remember that Trail Ridge South is a "No Soliciting" neighborhood. This means we do not allow solicitors to come to your door, uninvited, to attempt to sell you any products or services. This includes periodical/magazine sales. We cannot prevent the following people from coming to your door:Companies with whom you have done business in the past six months
  • Religious organizations
  • Political survey takers/signature collectors

Flyposting is generally legal, but we request that flyposters contact us before beginning their activities. We can review the activity and provide them with authorization letters.

Please do not do business with solicitors, even if you want their product after they come to your door! It only encourages them to continue their illegal activity. Take the product information (purchase it directly from the company if you choose) or at the very least, please try to get the company name and the solicitor's name, and contact our Managing Agent (you can find contact information on the Home page) with the company information. We will contact the company and remind them that it is illegal to solicit in our neighborhood. Continued violations will result in legal actions against the company in question